Adding Tickets to Apple Wallet

Any tickets you buy can be added to your Wallet on your iOS device. This is Apple's secure way of storing digital cards and passes on your device. You can find out more about Wallet here.

Adding Tickets

Any tickets you purchased through Trainsplit, where e-ticket was the chosen delivery option, can be added to your device. In your confirmation email, there will be a section titled "Apple Wallet".

Apple Wallet email example

Each passenger will have their own "Add to Apple Wallet" button. Simply press the button, and your tickets will be downloaded and added to your device!

Frequently Asked Questions


Can I download my tickets multiple times?

Yes, you can download your tickets as many times as you wish.


Are tickets added to my Wallet available offline?

Yes, all tickets added to your Wallet are fully available offline.


How can I view my tickets after I have added them to my Wallet?

Open the "Wallet" app on your device, and within this app, all of your passes will be shown.


What's the minimum software version need to use Wallet?

We recommend the following:


Can I use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox to download tickets?

Only Apple's Safari web browser is compatible. For users who do not use the Safari web browser, but wish to add tickets to their Wallet, they will need to open the URL in Safari.


Is there an upper limit to the amount of tickets I can download?

Journeys which contain more than ten tickets cannot be added to your Wallet. This is due to a limitation in Apple's iOS 15 and macOS 12 operating systems, where Wallet will not recognise more than ten tickets at any one time. When this situation occurs, no error will be shown to the user, however the download will appear to succeed. Apple has been notified about this limit but do not intend to make any changes.

A future update to the Trainsplit iOS app will allow for tickets to be added to your Wallet directly from the app, which will work around this issue.