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cheap train tickets to salisbury
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Salisbury, with its water meadows, independent shops and restaurants, and only a short distance from the famous Stonehenge, is a great place to visit. And there's no better way to get there than using the train, knowing you've saved money on your train tickets using our cost-effective split ticketing solution.

Getting to Salisbury by train is easy, with a direct route from London Waterloo. It's also easily accessible from other directions, with either a change at Bristol or Southampton. You can discover cheap train tickets and the cost-saving benefits of split tickets just by taking different routes.

Once you arrive in Salisbury, if you're visiting the unique sights of the world-famous UNESCO Stonehenge site, there is an hourly bus service available from just outside the station, which will take you directly to the visitor centre.

If shopping is more your thing, then where better to spend the savings you made on your train tickets than on a range of independent shops and coffee shops on your way into the city centre along Fisherton Street? With a wide variety of independent shops, there's something for everyone.

Close to the city centre is Salisbury Cathedral, built between 1310 and 1330. The tower reaches 123 meters, and the spire can be seen above the skyline in Salisbury from miles around. The cathedral also houses one of the four remaining copies of the Magna Carta, which was first signed in 1215.

train tickets to salisbury
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While taking the time to explore Salisbury, you can take in a relaxing break in the market square while taking in the view of the Guildhall or the many markets which are open to the public on different days.

Want to walk off your lunch? Why not go for a leisurely walk around the Salisbury Water Meadows, starting from Salisbury Cathedral and walking in a circular route past the Old Mill Pub along with the River Avon and back into the city centre.

Salisbury offers a great day out or weekend getaway, and with the chance to save money on your train tickets, you'll have extra money to spend during your visit.

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How to Get to and Around Salisbury

Salisbury is a relatively easy city to get to and around. There are several options available, depending on your preferences and budget.

By train: Salisbury is served by Salisbury Station, which is located in the city center. The station is served by South Western Railway, Great Western Railway, and CrossCountry. It offers direct services to London Waterloo, Bristol Temple Meads, Southampton Central, and other destinations. 
The journey from London to Salisbury by train takes approximately 1 hour and 20 minutes. The fastest train service is operated by South Western Railway and takes just 1 hour and 5 minutes.

By bus: Salisbury Reds is the main bus operator in Salisbury. They offer regular services throughout the city and to surrounding areas. Tickets can be purchased on board or online.

By car: Salisbury is located on the A303, which is a major road connecting London and Exeter. There are also several car parks in the city center.

On foot: Salisbury is a relatively small city, so it's easy to get around on foot. The city center is compact and pedestrian-friendly, and there are plenty of places to stop and explore along the way.

By bicycle: Salisbury is a great city for biking. There are several bike paths and lanes throughout the city, and it's a great way to get some exercise and see the sights.

Once you're in Salisbury, there are a few ways to get around the city:

  • On foot: As mentioned before, Salisbury is a relatively small city, so it's easy to get around on foot.
  • By bus: Salisbury Reds offers regular bus services throughout the city. Tickets can be purchased on board or online.
  • By taxi: Taxis are available in Salisbury, and they can be a convenient way to get around if you're traveling with a group or if you have a lot of luggage.
  • By car: If you're driving in Salisbury, be sure to be aware of the one-way streets and the narrow lanes. There are also several parking restrictions in the city center, so be sure to check the signs before you park.

Rail travel to Salisbury
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Our recommendations for things to do in Salisbury

Visit the Salisbury Cathedral and Magna Carta

Be amazed by the stunning cathedral, with its tall tower, Cloisters and Cathedral close, Enjoy one of the cafes and eateries in the close or have a picnic on the cathedral lawn

Take a short bus journey to explore Stonehenge

One of UK’s most historic landmarks Stonehenge costs of round stones some taller than 20 feet all in a circle and with a direct bus route it is well worth a visit.

Take a little time out and visit some local independent stores

Take a leisurely walk down Fisherton Street or Winchester Street and seek out the Salisbury Independent shops, if your looking for a gift or a treat for yourself, with the money you saved from split ticketing, this is a great place to look.

Check out some of the local restaurants and eateries

If you're looking for something to eat, Salisbury has a range of cafes and restaurants for every taste, why not take the chance to grab a treat from the local bakery for your train ride home.

Take a cultural trip and visit a museum

Why not take a trip to one of the many museums which are in Cathedral grounds such as Arrundels or the Salisbury Museum which contains artefacts from Old Sarum, Clarendon Palace and the city itself.

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Our top tips for saving on your rail travel to Salisbury:

    1. Plan ahead - To get the best deals on train tickets, plan ahead. Advance fares are often cheaper than flexible tickets, and they are released up to 12 weeks prior to travel.
    2. Get yourself a railcard - When teamed up with the vast array of railcards, our advanced easy-to-use journey planner can help you search for the best train ticket deals for your journey.
    3. Take a slower, more obscure or alternative route - Sometimes taking a slower route can lead to savings too. It may take a little more time, but can save you more money on your train tickets.
    4. Travel off-peak - Don't need to travel so early in the morning? Why not travel off-peak to save money on more expensive train tickets? These usually start from around 09:30 onwards.
    5. More than 2 people travelling together? Take advantage of Group Save Discounts - These are a great way to get discounted train fares when travelling in a group.
    6. Avoid booking fees - By booking with Trainsplit, you avoid paying booking fees on your train ticket purchase.
    7. Consider splitting your ticket - With split ticketing, you can unlock hidden fares for train tickets. And with a great website like Trainsplit doing all of the work for you, this could be a fantastic way to save money on your train tickets.
    8. Sign up for train fares and alerts to stay informed about upcoming fare promotions and the release of advance train tickets - This allows you to be among the first to book cheap fares when they become available.
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